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Shoulder Pain Relieved

Dr. Tripp,
I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated everything you've done for my shoulder pain. I have been to chiros in the past but not with these results in this short of time. In 4 sessions with you, I was amazed how much relief and lack of pain I had. I would definetely recommend you.
Once again- Thank you so much, Gloria
(received in a Thank You Note)

Working Out the Kinks in A Dancing Machine

5 star reviewI went to Dr. Jamie Tripp[Thimure] after experiencing pain in my shoulder from a workout related injury. She was very helpful and professional in her procedure, diagnosis, and aid all while keeping a personable atmosphere with me. Upon inspection, Dr. Tripp was able to see the problem areas and help me through a variety of stretches, and pressure specific exercises to relieve the stress/kinks/build up and release any tightness. I am happy to report I was pain free 100% a couple days later and have had no occurrence and thank Dr. Tripp for helping solve my problem!

by Zumba Tom 

Shoulder Problem Fixed!

Shoulder Problem Fixed!

I was having a problem with my left shoulder. It hurt when I lifted it to the side, and the range of motion seemed to be reduced. Dr. Tripp worked on my neck, and it was improved right away. After doing it a couple times, it seemed as good as new. The problem has not recurred.  Thanks Dr. Tripp
sjt - 2010