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Reviews of Dr. Jamie Tripp: What People Say

Dr. Jamie Tripp [Thomure] is the best!

I recently strained the arches in both of my feet so badly they felt like they were on fire. As I sat with ice on my feet, I called Dr. Tripp because I had seen her previously for a nagging hamstring injury. I knew she practiced ART and had amazing hands. Dr. Tripp fit me in that evening and by the time I walked out of her office, my feet were feeling better already. I did not start to feel pain again until the next afternoon. Two sessions later, the pain was just about gone.

I have been in what I will call, "traditional therapy" for other soft tissue injuries. Those times, I spent my hour visit warming up, doing solo exercises, or working with an assistant, but only 15 minutes were with the therapist. Dr. Tripp on the other hand, gives you her undivided attention for the entire length of your visit. Not only does Dr. Tripp focus on treating the injury, she also openly gives advice on the best exercises (fully functional!), nutrition, and recovery strategies. I have found my visits with Dr. Tripp to be extremely informative and the most productive.

You will not regret your time with Dr. Tripp!
S.M., March 2014

Great Relief After Treatment for Plantar Fasciitis

5 star reviewI've suffered from Plantar Fasciitis for several years and any yard work or extended standing resulted in burning pain in my feet. After Dr. Tripp's first treatment I felt immediate relief in that I was able to do yard work with minimal discomfort afterwards. After the second treatment (she was a bit more aggressive with pressure points) I was able to play ball with my son the next day and felt great afterwards  that was several months ago and I continue to feel great. I enjoyed her professional approach and her desire to educate her patients as to the cause and proper treatment of their conditions. I have recommended Dr. Tripp to many friends and family. David M -