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Shin Splints and IT Band Releif

Dr. Tripp [Thomure] was esential part of my training and success at completing the 2011 San Francisco Marathon. I came to her at the beginning of my training cycle when shin splints flared up so bad that they even bothered me when I walked. Her expertise in the use of ART helped alleviate the severe pain and soreness of my shins almost and allowed me to continue with the training cycle. I was so impressed that I made it a point to see her once a month during my training. This was great because towards the end of my training cycle, when my IT Band was getting aggrevated by the high mileage, she once again used her ART technique to give me immediate relief. I completed 26.2 hilly miles of the San Francisco Marathon and there was no shin pain or IT band issues at the finish line! Thank you Dr. Tripp!!!! I still use some of the stretching techniques that you taught me! Congratulations on your one year anniversary!!

by Toni